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My name is Jill.  I’m a 20 year old college student living in Los Angeles, CA.  My passion lies in about a million different places, in a million different people, and in a million different cars.  The classics have always done it for me; usually classic American muscle.  While I could certainly be called a “Gear Head”, what really interests me about cars are the connections that people make with them.  Classic American muscle cars aren’t just machines with four wheels and the ability to transport us from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’.  They are true pieces of Americana; a piece of where we’ve been and beautiful symbol of where we’re heading.

If I drive a 1966 Corvette I become apart of its story as much as it becomes apart of mine.  For that moment I’m connected to the person who first put the keys in the ignition.  I’m not experiencing a road, a car, and a gas pedal, I’m experiencing history.  Every person that owns or drives a car leaves their mark on it.  Every car I drive leaves a mark on me.  These aren’t machines.  They’re fluid symbols of who we are, who we’ve been, and who we want to be.  They each tell a unique story.

What can I say?  I’m a romantic.  Of course, for you mechanically inclined out there, there is a huge importance of the machinery of an automobile.  The engineering feat of synchronizing combustions in 12 different cylinders at once to propel a chunk of steel down a strip of asphalt is nothing less than genius.  The feat of making these chunks of steel move upwards of 200 miles per hour is an entirely different and incredible achievement.

The bottom line is that cars have become apart of who we are.  Whether you drive a Honda Civic to work every morning or spend every second of every weekend under your ’91 Comanche, your car has transformed your life.  Experiencing the feeling of freedom that only a first car can bring or the convenience of a southern boy’s truck getting stuck in the mud on your first date is something that cannot be replaced by a bicycle.  They’ve become part of the way we define ourselves.

I want to look at cars from both views.  I want to tell your stories.  I want to share a piece of myself that you wouldn’t otherwise see.




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