“Everybody knows he ain’t just tough, he’s strong”


Americans have created a very unique persona for themselves.  The first president Roosevelt, the old Rough Rider, advocated the strenuous life, a life that Americans have been revered for living.  The life that begs you to work 9-5 and 5-9 and rewards you with an impeccable work ethic, callused hands, and the satisfaction of creating a life for yourself.  This has been the American way.  This country may have been built on the backs of hard working people, but it was built on the backs of hard working people who remembered God, family, and their fellow countrymen.  People who sacrificed, cared about their neighbor, but never asked for anything in return. They remembered exactly what it is that makes them work 9-5 and 5-9.  They never forget exactly what drives them.

Historically the average American has been depicted as someone with callused hands and shirt sleeves rolled to their elbows.  What does this man drive?  A Chevy Silverado.  Tough.  Strong.  Rugged.  Capable.  All things that describe him also describe his truck.  It isn’t just the capability of the truck, but what owning a Silverado says about the person driving it; it has a reputation and a persona all its own.  The Silverado (along with its GMC counterpart the Sierra) is the latest full sized pick up truck to be designed by General Motors.

It has been a name-making decade for the Silverado.  It was first introduced in 1998 to compete with Ford’s new truck; the beginning of the F-Series: The Ford F-150.  The Silverado has three generations to the F-150’s twelve.  I usually avoid clichés like the plague, but I suppose Chevy went with the old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, and they couldn’t have been more right.  Chevy’s constituency with the Silverado made it a land mark vehicle and gave it an opportunity to create a name for itself in a very short period of time.

Chevy’s latest (and classically corny) commercial features the song “Strong” by Will Hoge.  Chevy’s new anthem seems to be “everybody knows he ain’t just tough, he’s strong”.  The song described the quintessential American, so perfect for an American-made truck commercial that I’m sure Ford would have jumped on it had they found it first.  “He’s a shirt of his back, give you his last dime, he’s strong”.  Chevy has been able to make “old time America” synonymous with Silverado, and much of the truck’s success can be credited to this.  “Ain’t nothing gonna knock him off the road he’s rolling on, he’s strong”.





“Strong” by Will Hoge can be found at:


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