The Germans


As far as world history goes, Germany has had a rough go of it.  As far as cars go, Germany knows what it’s doing.  The North and Baltic Sea bordering state produces some of the most quality and polished luxury cars on the face of the planet.  Among these are BMW, Mercedes, and Audi; while Lamborghini is an Italian car it is owned by the German car company Volkswagen.  That’s right, that Veneno is a Volkswagen that costs over $4 million.  Volkswagen is also the owner of company that produces the fastest street legal car in the world: Automobiles Ettore Bugatti.

An impressive track record for an automotive industry by any scale.  One of the most impressive manufactures to come out of Germany is Mercedes-Benz, the maker of the limited addition McLaren/Mercedes sports cars and up until this year the Maybach.  As the Bugatti has a Super Sport option, Mercedes has an AMG option that will send the price of a SLS GT over $200,000 before you add on all the bells and whistles.

Cameron is a 21 year old living in Riverside California.  More importantly he drives a 2012 Mercedes-Benz C350 coupe, a car that he describes as having “lots of sports buttons to press”.  He couldn’t be more right.  This little sports car puts out 306 HP and still doesn’t hurt at the pump, getting 28-30 miles to the gallon.  Cameron’s car doesn’t have a name, but he assures me she won’t be having in identity crisis any time soon; she gets plenty of attention.  So much, in fact, he’s about 7,000 miles over the milage on his lease and still has fifteen months to go.

“It’s going to be hard to part with,” he tells me leaning back in his chair in the bustle of a Los Angeles coffee shop.  “This isn’t just a C350, it’s my C350.”  That’s the gear head talking.  It doesn’t matter what new model is out there or how much horse power we’ll gain with the trade in, the bond we make with our cars is what separates them from the rest.  The bond we make with our German cars is unlike any other.

The innovation and automotive engineering coming out of Germany and German car companies is nothing short of incredible.  With so many luxury cars being produced there and German-based companies collecting super car companies and their brands from around the world, it is safe to say Germany has a foothold in the global car industry.


And a big thank you to Cameron, interviewee and C350 owner.


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