Lets Talk Tesla


There’s no avoiding it.  Tesla has been the talk of the town since its newest model, the Tesla Model S, hit the streets last year.  As could very well be assumed, I believe there is absolutely, unequivocally no substitute for horsepower.  Of course it has become part of gear head intuition that the word ‘electric’ means a driver will unavoidably have to give up some power.  The other problem, of course, is the life of the batteries and the amount of time it takes to recharge them once they’ve died.  Has Tesla met its goal of competing with luxury sedans like the comparable BMWs and Audis?

The car is equipped with a 130 mph limiter and puts out an impressive 410 bhp @ 5000-6700 rpm, close to matching the BMW 750Li Sedan that puts out 445 bhp and giving the BMW 740Li, which produces only 315 bhp a run for its money.  When it’s moving, it’s quick and sporty, there’s no denying it.  But what about when it stops moving?  Tesla boasts 300 miles at 55mph, but take it over that and you’re looking at a significant decrease in miles per charge.  What happens when you do stop moving?  You’ll stay stopped.  For at least 1 hour and six minutes.  If only we could discover some kind of liquid fuel that would propel our automobile forward and take but minutes to refuel after stopping…

I don’t like electric cars, but if I had to choose one, I would say that Tesla has come closest to the mark.  While there is no manual option available, Tesla has combined the beautiful aesthetics and horse power of a sports car with the planet saving features that people go crazy for these days.  But it doesn’t make a sound.  No awe inspiring roars that shake the cores of future gear heads.  No sound to acceleration.  No flipping through gears.  Like every electric car on Earth, the Model S sounds like a teenage girl sneaking home after curfew from partying with a boy her parents hate.  Nothing but the sound of the wind going over the perfectly aerodynamic hood.  I want the obnoxiously loud and aggressive New Yorker who shoves you out of his way on the subway.  The one who screams “Honey!  I’m home!”.  The one who you can’t ignore.






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